Our most valuable asset

SAPP Management AG is a very proud employer of a group of highly motivated, professional and skilled people. Together as a team, we work collaboratively on the best possible project outcomes.

Peter Haller, Proc.

Project Controlling/Finance

Peter is responsible for the controlling and reporting of our large-scale investment projects. He is highly proficient with Excel as well as with the enterprise software SAP and also develops tools and templates for reporting.

Gregor Sacherer

Project Controlling/Finance

Gregor’s tasks comprise CAPEX and OPEX assessments in order to evaluate proper input parameters for discounted cashflow models. For covering investment risks, he has expertise in sensitivity analysis and stochastic modelling. Further, he is responsible for developing commercial models with the ECOTECHO® application. In addition, Gregor is engaged in subsidiary controlling.

Markus Eck

Project Controlling/Finance/Sales

Markus has a background in banking and finance. With his economic experience, he is now supporting the Project Management in commercial modelling and reporting. In addition, he is responsible for customer relations and project acquisitions.

Abhijeet Virdhe

Process Engineering/Technology

Abhijeet is elaborating mill-wide mass and energy balances as basis for investments, process optimization and debottlenecking. He is involved in dynamic process simulation using WinGEMS software and is responsible for technical modelling in the ECOTECHO® application. Furthermore, he provides his expertise in the field of S/Na balance, recovery boiler and recausticizing balance, and mill-wide non-process elements balances.

Vishal Patil

Process Engineering/Technology

Vishal works as a process engineer, providing technical support and solutions in projects related to mill development and recovery boilers. He is executing assessment studies and provides profound technical know-how.

Dr. Michael Tauber

Process Engineering/Technology

Michael holds a PhD in Chemistry and his professional experiences cover different areas such as anaerobic processes, analytical chemistry and paper making. At SAPP, he is responsible for reporting water- air- and chemical balances. With the simulation software WinGEMS and CADSIM Plus, he analyzes, mathematically models and synthesizes processes for entire pulp and paper mills.

Alexander Mikula


Alexander has joined our company as a process and technology engineer and works alongside our mill development and boiler and turbine assessment experts. His main responsibilities comprise the evaluation of existing power distribution and grid concepts, as well as the development of new power distribution and grid concepts.

René Kampitsch

Head of Quality Management

René is head of the quality management department and responsible for the development of individual solutions in the area of ​​quality management. He is responsible for the coordination of QA measures, process planning of quality management in projects, quality monitoring of business processes, as well as the planning and controlling of audits.

Mustapha Ouledzid

Process engineering/technology

Mustapha works as a process & technology engineer at SAPP. His main responsibility includes mill wide process simulation using WinGEMS and CADSIM Plus software. He has more than 9 years of industrial experience in the field of chlore alkali plant, as well as oil and gas industry, which is very useful in his tasks of providing technical support in Balance of Plant and P&IDs. Also, he is participating in mill development projects, and due diligence.

Dr. Robert Bedoić

Process engineering/technology

Robert holds a PhD in Process and Energy Engineering on the use of sustainable biomass sources for energy applications. At SAPP, he is responsible for calculating the energy balances of pulp and paper mills. Dr. Bedoić is working on optimizing the performance of boilers and turbines with the aim of developing cost-effective power plant concepts.

Sahori Seefoó

Process engineering/technology

Sahori is an energy engineer with deep passion about sustainable development. She strongly believes that the deployment of renewable energies in combination with digital are pivotal to move towards a greener future. Therefore, she has built experience in data science and artificial intelligence. Now at SAPP, she leverages her experience to evaluate, optimise and create solutions for the processes of our customers.

Erich Mack


Erich is an electrician and a good soul of our company. He is responsible for the everyday maintenance of the SAPP Management AG by completing various tasks. His hands are open for everyone and with his dog Sayuri, he always brings a smile on our faces. Due to his commitment to daily tasks, all parts of the SAPP work perfectly.

Theresia Scheiflinger

Quality Assurance

Theresia’s professional dedication displays in Quality Service. As a Quality Manager, she solves customer issues and develops individual solutions, paying attention to external and internal requirements.

Stefan Leopold

Quality Assurance

Stefan works as a Quality Assurance Manager to ensure that the product or service provided by an organization is fit for purpose, consistent and meets both external and internal requirements. This includes legal compliance, customer expectations and the coordination of the activities required to meet these quality standards.

Thomas Koraimann

Project Execution

Thomas is a civil engineer and works in project execution. Among his main responsibilities are the development of mill layouts. He creates CAD (computer-aided design) drawings that provide a detailed illustration of individual components of the future-mill.

Johann Lobnig

Project Execution

Johann works as a civil project manager and is responsible for overseeing and directing construction projects from conception to completion. He manages and oversees the progress in a timely and cost-effective manner. His tasks in projects comprise planning, budgeting, organizing, implementing and scheduling.

Vanes Ahmetasevic

Project Execution

With more than 15 years of experience, Vanes is a highly skilled engineer and works as a Project Manager in the fields of electric, automation and commissioning.

Johannes Galos

Project Execution

Hannes is a mechanical engineer and has been working in the pulp and paper industry for more than 30 years in different positions, such as technical director, mill manager and project manager. At SAPP, he is engaged as a project manager of large-scale industrial projects and executes investment evaluations.

Christine Užnik


Christine works as an account at SAPP Management AG. Together with the CFO, she is responsible for everything finance related.

Dr. Nataša Mitevska

Process engineering/technology

Nataša has a PhD in Technical Sciences. At SAPP, she works on process evaluation and optimization in projects related to pulp and paper industry, as well as plastic recycling technologies.