Mill Development


Our Service

Assisted by WinGEMS and CADSIM Plus, our technical experts analyze, mathematically model and synthesize processes for the whole pulp and paper mill. The benefit is an improved efficiency of operations and an optimization of processes for current and future demands.

WinGEMS Process Simulation

WINGEMS software is a well proven tool in analyzing and modeling chemical processes. It can be applied to simulate various stages of the pulp and paper making process. Based on the obtained the technological parameters can be developed.

Overview of the WinGEMS Process Simulator:

  • Mass and energy balance system with process calculations
  • Static simulation
  • Defined process blocks for particular process operations
  • Process optimization


CADSIM Plus 2000 is a fully self-contained process simulation platform, especially designed for the pulp and paper industry, allowing the simulation of complex dynamic processes. Process logics used in the pulp and paper industry can be checked with real time dynamic simulation methods. The Dynamic Data Reconciliation (DDR) technology of CADSIM plus with full mill simulation, can be used to identify process problems in real-time — simultaneously to the ongoing process.

CADSIM Plus 2000 key facts:

  • Flexibility in specifications of stream properties
  • Dynamic simulation
  • Professional drawing capabilities
  • Controllers and logic systems to define particular operations
  • Real-time optimization of processes
  • DDR-dynamic data reconciliation

Reusable Simulation Models

The preparation of the base case model (for current operating conditions) is a rather time-consuming process. Once the model is prepared, customers can re-contact us whenever they face new problems within the same process. We are able to simulate these issues in the same model, trying to identify process hindrances and possible solutions.

Technical Risk Analysis

SAPP supports its partners in developing preventive risk analyses for production plants— to avoid damages of any kind, to ensure the availability of technical systems and processes, and to create sustainable competitive advantages.