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Power Plant Concepts

Power Plant Concepts

Energy balances that consider the entire mill process allow us to predict the future needs of a mill in the best way possible.

Our process knowledge in the field of pulp and paper production gives us a distinct edge in the design of power plants in kraft mills. In combination with ECOTECHO Financial & Technological Modeling, our power plant concepts are truly the “Best Available Technology” – with a focus on monetary, ecological and sustainability requirements.

Next to the simulation of different load cases, that help to determine optimized power plant concepts, our experts also focus on mill-wide power and energy balances, which allow us to predict the future needs of a mill. Furthermore, we provide recommendations regarding the sizing and specification of the optimal equipment, as well as the technical and financial revision of supplier offers.

We offer

  • Mill-wide Power and Energy Balances
  • Simulation of different Load Cases
  • Sizing of the equipment and recommendations regarding the optimal equipment specification
  • RFQ Conception / RFQ Check
  • Technical and Financial Review of Supplier Offers