Mill Development

Pre-Engineering Studies

Pre-Engineering Studies

In Pre-Engineering phase of the project SAPP provides the concept engineering, technical documentation for procurement evaluation of tender offers, and business case evaluation based on which the plant layout as well as the equipment list, and flow diagrams are created.

We create the concept design based on mill wide design calculation and mill balances. The request for quotation and supplier negotiation is important part for the successful concept development as well as for selecting the proper technology which suites our customer demand. A preliminary overview of suppliers' offers gives the best view of their technological advantages and disadvantages, and an estimate of the cost of capital investment for the budget reflects current price levels.

Our expertise in process engineering, mechanical engineering, E/I/A engineering, civil engineering provides the necessary documents required for the budget allocation and management approval.

Pre engineering stage of the project leads to optimize the development requirements and maximizing the development objectives. It also provides the necessary documentation required for the approval of government authorities which includes environmental impact assessment, building permits, production permits, logistics etc.