Mill Development


ECOTECHO © Financial & Technological Modeling

In our proven process, you define the desired development, and we provide engineering solutions as well as financial perspectives. We create a model that demonstrates the impact on specific product calculation on the P&L statement or other defined positions.

Aspects of risk are covered by a sensitivity analysis and Monte-Carlo simulations/Value at Risk.

Operation Analysis

Our mill operation analysis identifies opportunities for process improvements within the existing system. It involves analyzing the current operation status and comparing it with the best available technology. Furthermore, necessary technological improvements are identified in order to achieve better productivity with lower operational costs, keeping in mind competitive challenges in the field.

We help our customers with improving their operation by using:

  • performance matric analysis.
  • risk analysis.
  • operational cost analysis.
  • operational changes post improvement analysis.

Investment Analysis

With our investment analysis, we can establish the best conditions for an efficient capital allocation, as uncertainties regarding the financial impact of major projects are reduced.

Our finance experts evaluate the key factors of your investment project during the planning stage, and systematically review financial key figures during the implementation phase.

The investment analysis checks the technical feasibility, as well as the economic impact of your planned investment. As part of this analysis, a procedural examination of project alternatives in terms of repairs, product quality, compliance with environmental and safety regulations, etc. is done, in addition to a survey of the current status of existing machines and capacities.

Technical Risk Analysis

Errors and failures of technical equipment or systems involve risks that may threaten the lives and health of workers, endanger the environment and/or lead to considerable economic damages.

Potential hazards and their associated risks are often a consequence of a missing risk analysis.

SAPP supports you in developing preventive risk analyses for your production plants with the following objectives:

  • Avoid damages of any kind to people, the environment, or material goods.
  • Ensure a corresponding availability of technical systems and processes.
  • Create sustainable competitive advantages.

SAPP prepares a systematic analysis of the technical production plants considering the:

  • technical lifetime.
  • current technical status of the equipment.
  • applied technology (“State of the Art”).
  • estimation of the probability of a potential damage and assessment of the associated risks and monetary impacts.