Smart Data

Recovery Boiler Analytics Project

In order to support the demand of sustainable recovery boiler operation in pulp and paper mills regarding safety, lower emissions, operational efficiency, boiler lifetime and better system reliability, SAPP is providing an assistant tool that comprises:​

  • Advanced analytics of process data
  • Statistical process analysis to gain key insights of operational data
  • The implementation of an analytics framework for model utilization
  • The design of an independent front-end visualization

The analytical boiler application for achieving operational demands provides the following services and features:

  • The application gives a forecast of circumstances that may occur in the recovery boiler, highlighting anomalies and spikes.
  • It provides a diagnosis of such anomalies and spikes in the performance.
  • This diagnosis will feed back into the machine learning tool to optimize the forecast accuracy.

Added value

Reduction of operational variance​

Improvement of energy efficiency​

Reduction of emissions​

Minimization of unexpected operational events​

Increase of boiler lifetime

Reduction of maintenance and operational cost​

Definition of best local operating window​

Identifications of any kind of limitations​

Development and support for adequate improvement plans

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